Weekly Round Up – 22nd April 2016


I’m excited to announce the re-launch of our website and with that the relaunch of our weekly round up, which brings you all of the best reads in product management, design and marketing each week! We hope you enjoy.



  • Building Software is a Team Sport: Andy Hovey shares a few guidlines from the Xero product design team. He details the need for empathy, respect, tenacity, debate, talent, and a relentless focus on the people using your products when delivering and design great software the users love!


  • Lessons Learned from Growing a Product Business: Conversational UI’s are becoming a hot topic and bots are enabling this (another hot topic). Intercom are on of the forerunners in creating great way’s for customers to have asynchronous dialogues with companies.


  • Product Management Fundamentals: A good refresher on product managers responsibilities and focus areas. Dag Norem sums it up nicely, “In order to know how to do something it is important to understand why that something exists in the first place. It is not hard to understand why we need developers. Nor sales, marketing, customer support and so on. But why do we need product managers?”


  • Why Tracking Less Got VSCO More? A topic close to my heart – focusing on measuring the metrics that matter (less can be more) – in theis Mix Panel blog post they use VSCO of a case study to outline how focusing your metrics, what you measure and how you generate insight from the data can be fruitful for the company and product.


We’d love to hear which posts you enjoyed most – feel free to comment, growing an active product community is what we’re about!


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