Weekly Round Up – 27nd April 2016


Every day the Product Manager Club brings you the best product management, product marketing and product design reads from across the web. We do the hard work collating all of the best content and articles so that you don’t have to – it’s all a part of our efforts to grow a thriving product community. We hope you enjoy!

The Unicorn Workflow: Design to Code with Atomic Design Principles and Sketch: We’ve been making style guides, elemental guidelines, mood boards and many other tools to help make our designs easier to understand for years now. Similarly, developers have been using things like Bootstrap, Foundation, Bourbon and other, similar tools to make their life easier when it comes time to code. When we compromise and work together, life gets much easier for both sides. That’s what Atomic Design is here for. A fantastic read from Joe Toscano on creating a system of pieces that can come together to create elements and templates we can reuse over and over again.

My 8 Rules of Great Products: Mitchell Harper shares his thoughts on the rules that make great products after building products for more than 200,000 paying customers, he shares what he has learned (so far).

Increase Your Return on Failure: One of the most important—and most deeply entrenched—reasons why established companies struggle to grow is fear of failure. Indeed, in a 2015 Boston Consulting Group survey, 31% of respondents identified a risk-averse culture as a key obstacle to innovation. Senior executives are highly aware of this problem. On one hand, they recognize the usefulness of failure. As 3M’s legendary chairman William McKnight once said, “The best and hardest work is done in the spirit of adventure and challenge…Mistakes will be made.” A great article on how to maximise how you profit from failure.

What’s the Difference Between UX and UI Design? Dave Benton outlines how in a world where “flat” web design is ever-present, it can be tough sometimes to tell the difference between a wireframe from a final deliverable. Which is one reason I hear this question over and again: “Exactly what is the difference between UX and UI?”. He explains the difference between the two in a simple and refreshing way! Great product design read!

Partner Management: Why it’s Important for Product Managers: Relationships between companies are important in most industries – that is what the term ecosystem is about. If a company wants to influence and manage some of those relationships more actively and explicitly they usually start a partner program. Nowhere is this more common practice than in the IT industry, in particular in the software industry.


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