Leaders & Lessons That Changed My 2018


Mentors are all around us when we look through our life and workplace. For me, 2018 was filled with inspiring and varied individuals and leadership styles. Several leaders had a big impact on my personal and professional development in 2018, as I made a transition from consulting on product and engineering strategy and execution with TribalScale in MENA to an internal product role with OLX Group in Europe. It was an incredibly challenging transition, but learnings from these leaders helped me navigate and succeed through the experience.

  • Sheetal (CEO, TribalScale): Lead the team boldly, be uncompromising in the vision, and show that you fight for your group with your work ethic.

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Co-founder of productmanagerclub.com, ex-Audible (Amazon), AmEx and TribalScale Product Management leader, currently living in Portugal leading product management of vertical expansion for automotive within OLX. Mike has built products and coached teams all over the world.

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