Magic Wand


What is ‘Magic Wand’?

The magic wand approach is a way of visualizing minimum viable products and defining what your product should be in order to satisfy users needs. Product managers/owners are susceptible to trying to ‘boil the ocean’ sometimes when they can provide 80% of a user needs much more quickly and easily by delivering a scaled back version of their dream product.

In the magic wand approach we make 3 statements that describe our dream product, our ideal product and then a product that’s achievable but still meets our users needs, an example can be seen below.

Dream Solution

– Super fun, completely free activities delivered to me in real time, contextually.

Ideal Solution

– An app that allows me to search for activities locally and filter the free ones.

Achievable Solution

– Event’s calendar, hosted on a public facing website with varied price events.

Why is the ‘Magic Wand’ useful?


Lean startup introduced to us the idea of the minimum viable product i.e. what’s the minimum we can delivered to achieve validated learning. Through identifying an achievable solution we essentially conceptualise something that we can deliver that will satisfy users needs and be enough for us to launch in order to elicit some validated learning that will frame what our ideal solution may now look like.



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