Applying the 3 Horizons Framework to Product Management


First presented at Product Tank, a division of Mind the Product, February 2019.

Product leadership often requires developing the most compelling vision for a given area, balancing execution needs with demands from senior leaders to constantly innovate. To embody this duality, leaders must not stick in the operational weeds with incremental optimizations. Rather, she/he must balance the long term future horizons to ensure opportunities are not left to the side. The 3 horizon framework, originally developed by McKinsey strategists, provides a guideline for how leaders can think of this balance that must occur between small optimizations and long term vision. This balance is critical not only for product success but also to inspire and motivate teams.


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Co-founder of, ex-Audible (Amazon), AmEx and TribalScale Product Management leader, currently living in Portugal leading product management of vertical expansion for automotive within OLX. Mike has built products and coached teams all over the world.

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