A product manager with extensive experience in the Fin Tech industry and co-founder of Startup hustler, tech junkie, user experience obsessed with a love for bulldogs!31 Articles

Co-founder of, ex-Audible (Amazon), AmEx and TribalScale Product Management leader, currently living in Portugal leading product management of vertical expansion for automotive within OLX. Mike has built products and coached teams all over the world.22 Articles

UX Designer. Curious Mind. Maker of prototypes. UX Designer @Autodesk. Trying to help spread the word about good #ux design. Follow me @msNaema2 Articles

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Christine Deakers is a writer at The Signal, Mixpanel's digital publication, where she tells the stories of how people and businesses use data to grow and do cool things. Interested in sharing your story? Find her on Twitter @deakhaus.1 Articles

Product @WeTransfer, Mentor @Rockstart1 Articles

Kenton Kivestu is Founder and CEO of RocketBlocks, a platform that helps students prepare for product management interviews. Prior to RocketBlocks, Kenton worked in product at Google, Zynga and Flurry (acq. by Yahoo!), where he helped launch new advertising platforms, run the mobile poker team and the demand side advertising team, respectively. He’s passionate about helping candidates land PM jobs because he remembers all too well the pain of breaking into the product management as a non-CS major.1 Articles

Charlotte Gauthier is a product and UX practitioner in London. Before entering the exciting world of startups she did analytics and user research for Newsweek and the New York Times, and owned her own web agency. Find her at or on Twitter at @thenewcharlotte.1 Articles

Product @shopify, ex-product @freshbooks, co-founder of Tunezy.1 Articles